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Papal Bull from Pope Joan II

L'ho Perduta, Me Meschina. Ah, Chi Sa Dove Sarà?

Ordainer of the Universe
5 November 1979
I have a masters in Library Science, a pair of rollerblades, and a knack for laughing at all the wrong things.

A monologue daveespionage wrote for me:

"What, me? Oh, I was just reading a twenty volume dissertation on the theories of cross-referencing religions in Egypt with various recipes involving popcorn, what, oh you like me? Really? Are you sure? You didn't notice that all your clothes came off a bit ago, did you? Oh well, that happens now and then. Have you seen my collection of books? They're organized by levels of eroticism and effectiveness of language. Oh shit, you took my clothes off. Well, time to get the toy box."

I married teaandbitchery at marry_a_ljuser
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